Optimal Webpage Design To Keep Visitors On Your Site

You have many choices when you start building a website, and you can make good choices or not so good ones. You need to be careful about the whole design process of your site since it plays a key role in its success. Here are several site design characteristics you will want to know about before you get too far along.

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As you very well may imagine, how you set-up your site navigation is incredibly important. When you organize the navigation during the process will definitely be reflected in the finished site.

That means it all has to work seamlessly and smoothly plus be a natural part of the site design. You want your navigation to be so easy to follow that a twelve year old would have no problem with it. The navigation must be out of sight when not needed, or not thought about – but easy to see and use when it is needed. You should explore ways to make your website very simple and uncomplicated. But the final decision really depends on what your site will be about and what needs to be present. Also keep in mind that you want to maintain some room for growth since most sites tend to grow over time. The design can be more complex, but if so then you have to do your site layout planning very well. You also have to think about the possibility that you will be placing ads on your site. We do appreciate simplicity very much, but we are talking about sites for businesses we know nothing about.

Favicons Can Help Your Site: Using a favicon (or favorite icon) is a seemingly minor feature that can make your site more appealing. A favicon immediately gives your website a more professional look. This gives you a chance to display a customized icon in the URL box, making your site unique. Besides that, the Favicon will also show up when somebody bookmarks your page, which adds to professionalism of your website and makes a good impression on the end user.

Over time your site design is going to get better and will be more effective as you learn and make things better. However, focusing on the basic web design elements is where you should start off, so that your site doesn’t lack anywhere. Web design doesn’t have to be that complicated but people tend to make it that way. You need to focus on your foundation first when you want people to respond well to your site, buy your stuff and help you find wild success.
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